Bibby Marine Service Operation Vessel (SOV), Bibby WaveMaster 1 (BWM1) is working in France this winter after winning a contract with Ailes Marines, a company 100% owned by Iberdrola, a world-leader in clean energy.

The vessel set sail for Brittany late last month and is now transporting and housing contractors, as part of Iberdrola’s large offshore wind farm, Saint-Brieuc Bay, which is due to become operational this year. 

BWM1, a walk to work SOV with motion compensated gangway that allows the safe transfer of technicians from offshore platforms, was chartered by the company until March 2024, when it returns to its’ long-term summer charter in the Southern North Sea.

Kevin Brown, Head of Commercial and Contracts at Bibby Marine said: “This area of France is known for its strong winds and high-tides, and Bibby WaveMaster 1 can help companies, such as Iberdrola , meet these challenges – with its motion-compensated gangway, onsite work and storage facilities, plus accommodation for up to 90 people, BWM1 is purpose built to help our clients do their job efficiently and safely.

“We look forward to a successful charter with Iberdrola.”


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