Changing conditions in offshore wind

With the increasing construction of offshore wind farms we are already starting to see projects taking place farther from the shore. This carries implications for the industry as a whole, bringing with it a fresh set of challenges. Forthcoming wind projects will be located in deeper waters, harsher environments with increased wave heights.

Furthermore, the increased distance from the shore makes impractical the daily transportation of maintenance crews to and from the offshore wind park. Such challenges are driving innovation and the offshore wind industry is showing itself to be every bit as dynamic as the offshore oil and gas industry in responding to rapidly-changing needs. One such solution is Bibby WaveMaster 1.

Why charter the WaveMaster?

A purpose-built vessel for the deployment and retention of offshore support and maintenance engineers

Development driven by functional requirements, based on feedback from potential end-users

On-site work and storage facilities plus accommodation for up to 70 maintenance personnel, management and a crew of 20

Can withstand sea voyages of up to one month and features dynamic positioning (DP2)

Equipped with a motion-compensated transfer gangway to allow maintenance personnel to walk between vessel and offshore structures.

Optimised to reduce roll and heave motions

Bibby WaveMaster 1

The first vessel purpose built for the deployment and retention of offshore support and maintenance engineers. Bibby WaveMaster 1 has on-site work and storage facilities, plus accommodation for up up to 67 maintenance personnel and our marine and housekeeping/catering crew of 23.

. It’s able to remain at sea for up to 30 days at a time and features DP2 and a motion compensated transfer gangway to facilitate turbine access. The vessel has been designed to operate with maximal efficiency and close attention has been paid to ensuring optimal comfort on board and high levels of redundancy for additional safety at sea.

Bibby WaveMaster 1 has been developed following extensive consultation with key industry professionals. Feedback pinpointed an emerging concern over the timely, safe and comfortable deployment of engineers required to sustain optimal turbine availability. Designed specifically for operations in the North Sea on projects located at distances 30 miles and farther from shore. The vessel represents a robust package of performance and comfort, combining optimal efficiency with safe marine access and accommodation.

Keeping in mind the everyday tasks performed onboard, Damen has created a concept that will benefit both crew members and vessel operators.
WaveMaster 1is able to achieve safe and comfortable access up to 80% of the time, including worst case scenarios, in the Central North Sea.

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