Frequently asked questions

What floating accommodation do you provide?

Bibby Marine provide high quality worker accommodation through their fully serviced shoreside and near shore accommodation barges.

Is there a barge available in my area?

Our barges are on short and long-term charters around the world and locations regularly change. We can easily tow our accommodation to new locations, give us a call on 0151 708 8000 to check current availability.

How much does it cost to hire an accommodation barge?

We offer a cost-effective alternative to using local hotels or land-based temporary solutions. Costs vary for each project, depending on the vessel used and project location, but we try to be flexible with pricing to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Contact us here on our website for a quote.

What does the accommodation look like inside?

We offer high quality accommodation with welcoming reception areas, comfortable bedrooms and great facilities.

Where can the barges be berthed?

Ideally our floating accommodation barges will be moored to a berth or a quay, they are not suitable for offshore work. We have supported projects around the world and work with customers to work out the best solution for mooring close to their project.

How many people can fit in the accommodation barges?

Capacities onboard vary, depending on the barge itself and the configuration. Some customers ask for single occupancy, others ask for shared occupancy in twin beds or bunks. Furniture can be tailored to meet your requirements, as can other facilities onboard. Read our barges page for more specific information on the barges.

What are the advantages of using floating accommodation?

Our barges are high quality and cost effective and can be moored alongside any berth or quay making them ideal for projects in remote locations or where existing accommodation is expensive or difficult to find.

What temperatures/climates can our barges operate in?

Our barges have worked in varying extreme environments from Northern Norway to Papua New Guinea, please get in touch for exact temperatures.

How long does mobilisation take?

Depending on barge location and availability, our facilities can usually be transported and hooked up in a matter of days after contract signature.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time for chartering a barge?

No, although the economic advantages of our barges are greatest for contract periods over three months.

Are the rooms single or en-suite?

Yes, all of our barges have en-suite shower rooms. We can configure the berths to be single or multiple occupancy depending on your requirements. All of our rooms also have natural light.

If you’ve not found the answer you’re looking for Contact Us for more information or to check current availability.