The WaveMaster

Custom-designed and constructed with Damen, the WaveMaster enables offshore wind operators to work more eff iciently, safely and in maximum comfort for up to 30 days at a time. Optimised for working efficiency in terms of storage, workflow and logistics.

Some of the key features of the WaveMaster model are:

Dynamic Positioning

DP-2 (Dynamic Positioning) vessel platform allowing for very high operability

Advanced Gangway

Motion compensated Walk-to-Work gangway ensuring safe offshore transfer of personnel.

Eco friendly

Minimal emissions and low fuel consumption to be as green as possible.

Motion compensated Crane

AHC (Active Heave Compensated, BWM1) or 3DMC (3D Motion Compensation, BWMH) crane allowing for secure transport of cargo.

Options for technician access

Daughter craft, CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel), helicopter winching (and landing on BWM1) transfer zones to provide additional technician access.

Comfortable accommodation

Comfort Class 2 standard accommodation, 60 en-suite berths with TV, WiFi and class-leading leisure facilities; including gym, sauna (BWM1 only), rec room and more.

WaveMaster 1
The safest access to wind turbines combined with the highest standards of living at sea

WaveMaster 1 provides high levels of employee safety, comfortable and modern living conditions and certainty of access to remote working locations. The SOV offers flexible deployment with suitability for both the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas markets. She is designed for transporting crew, not goods. Comfort and safety come first.

Introducing the Horizon

The Bibby WaveMaster Horizon is the second vessel of its kind, following its sister vessel, the Bibby WaveMaster 1. Both Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) were designed and constructed in Galati Romania by DAMEN shipyards. The Horizon provides:

  • the ability to withstand and perform safely in difficult weather conditions
  • hotel standard facilities and comfort to those onboard
  • the safest possible means of access to an offshore structure