We are proud to be working with MarRI-UK, a collaborative innovation vehicle for UK industry and academia to jointly tackle innovation and technology challenges in the maritime industry.

Currently sector innovation is not often coordinated or attuned to national priorities, and no independent body has oversight. Work undertaken by industry and academia has shaped this initiative to address the lack of coordination and resource in maritime research and development, resulting in MarRI-UK.

The organisation aims to increase the global competitive position of the UK maritime sector by focusing on identification, development and exploitation of new/emerging technologies. MarRI-UK approach this collaboratively by involving key specialists from industry, academia, government and representative bodies.

A maritime sector strengthened by MarRI-UK will help the co-ordination of research across the sector by giving an understanding of commercial opportunities aligned to a shared roadmap.

Bibby WaveMaster Zero C Project

Through MarRI-UK, Bibby have begun their path to decarbonisation of their fleet through the WaveMaster Zero C project. The WaveMaster Zero C project aims to find the best suited alt-fuel for use on our future SOV fleet. The project will analyse hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, biofuel and full electric WaveMaster concepts in terms of technical, economic, and environmental feasibility. This will be married up with an analysis of current and future landside infrastructure to ensure reliable and safe bunkering at port.

The project, funded in-part by MarRI-UK, brings together key industry partners in Lloyd’s Register, Damen Shipyards, ORE Catapult, Houlder and Square 5 Ltd, to facilitate this work and allow for wider industry collaboration.

Early concept art