Technical information and specs


  • Length o.a.90.00 m
  • Beam mld.20.00 m
  • Depth mld.8.00 m
  • Draught summer (base)4.80 m
  • Draught summer (underside keel foreship) 6.30 m
  • Design draught4.65 m
  • Deadweight (at design draught) 2400 t
  • Cargo weather deck area425 m²
  • Covered/conditioned store/workshop space390 m²
  • Deck load (at 1 m above deck) 600 t
  • Speed13.0 kn


  • Main engines
  • Diesel-electric, 690 V, 60 Hz
  • Power generation
  • 2x Caterpillar 3516 gensets @ 2265 ekW each
  • 2x Caterpillar C32 gensets @ 952 ekW each
  • Main propulsion
  • 2x azimuthing thrusters, Fixed Pitch Propellers in nozzles, 2150 kW each
  • Bow thrusters
  • 1x Retractable thruster, Fixed Pitch Propeller in nozzle, 860 kW, can be used as tunnel thruster in retracted position
    2x Tunnel thrusters, Fixed Pitch Propeller, 860 kW each


  • Crew: 20 persons
  • Maintenance personnel: 70 persons
  • All single cabins provided with internet, telephone and satellite TV.
  • Possibility to switch crew and special personnel cabins to suit the client’s needs.
  • Other spaces: offices, conference room, recreation dayrooms, mess room, smoking room reception room, hospital, drying room, changing room, workshops
  • Optional: additional 30 bunks for maintenance personnel, to be placed in existing cabins


  • Bibby Wavemaster 1: 1A1, Offshore Service Vessel, COMF(C-2, V-2), DYNPOS(AUTR), Clean, SF, E0, DK(+), SPS, NAUT(OC), BWM(E), Recyclable, BIS, HELDK, Crane
  • Full options: 1A1, Offshore Service Vessel, COMF(C-2, V-2), DYNPOS(AUTR), Clean (Design), SF, E0, DK(+), SPS, NAUT(OSV-A), BWM(T), Recyclable, BIS, HELDK, Fire Fighter(1), Crane


  • Cranes
  • Knuckle boom crane 1t AHC / 24t max SWL
    Knuckle boom crane 2t AHC / 5t max SWL
    Motion compensated crane
  • Access systems
  • Uptime Access system with height-adjustable pedestal
    Other makes also possible
  • Daughter craft
  • Daughter craft Tuco Marine 10,5m
    Other makes also possible
  • Additional class notations
  • ERN* (99;99;99;98)
    Class notation CLEAN DESIGN
    Class notation BIS
  • Helicopter facilities
  • Helicopter landing area
  • Other options
  • External FiFi
    CTV Fueling
    Increased living quarters (90)
    DC grid