Supporting the government objective to commit to an additional 3 million apprenticeship starts in the UK, Bibby Marine Ltd sees the continued professional development of their employees as key to their future.

We see strong, effective leadership as integral to both individual and company-wide success and through providing leadership development opportunities for our team, it has shown to improve motivation and augment performance. Integrating effective leadership skills and education into our current system of operations allows for growth and lasting success. The Bibby Marine Apprenticeship Programme allows us to invest in our people.

With our strategic development partner, Alchemist, we are currently delivering apprenticeships in Leadership and Management Level 5 to 6 management apprenticeships and 2 of our advanced students close to completing their respective Apprenticeship Level 7 MBA’s. We have asked them what their experience has been like…

“The level 5 operations manager programme led by Michael and Alchemist has been an engaging, thought-provoking and insightful experience so far. The course provides vast information, techniques and transferrable skills to be implemented into the day to day tasks of that come with a career management role helping you to not only get the best out of yourself, but also of those in your team. The monthly workshops are always enjoyable and conveniently fit around work commitments and the Alchemist team is always available to help individuals out at any stage of the programme.”
Callum Stone
Business Development Manager, Bibby Marine
“The programme so far has been interesting for me because it is not your ‘stereotypical’ course that ticks boxes and then once finished for the day, you forget what you have learned. This is the first course I have been on that whereby the content of the course is malleable enough to suit my own work demands, objectives and aspirations; and consequentially the companies objectives. It is a course that enables you as opposed to dictating you. It also gives insight into various skills that are imperative to management and team development.” 

  •  – Louise Bigley

Commercial Assistant, Bibby Marine

“My time studying for the Level 5 Management course with Alchemist has been very positive. The monthly workshops, comprising of a round-table with colleagues from Bibby Marine and Michael Bainbridge, have been very engaging and productive. Within the workshops, you are introduced to a plethora of ideas and methods within the chosen module. Each has been summarised to a good detail, where most of the understanding of it is encouraged through on-the-job learning, discussion and further research. The Level 5 qualification pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone with regards to CPD, as well as promoting self-reflection. I have found that a lot of the on-the-job learning goes hand in hand with what I’ve been asked to do in my roles, I would advise that line manager buy-in is essential to get the best out of this course.”

– Rob Osborne

Support and Innovation Engineer, Bibby Marine