Bibby WaveMaster Horizon’s first year completed with SGRE; validating the Bibby “Different by Design” approach

Bibby Marine are proud to announce that the Bibby WaveMaster Horizon has successfully completed its first year under charter with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE). The vessel has been providing support and assistance to the Hohe See & Albatros Offshore Windfarm which is located approximately 100KM off the coast of Germany. The field is composed of 87 turbines around an area of sea covering 42 Km2.

The Bibby WaveMaster Horizon is the second vessel of its kind, following its sister vessel, the Bibby WaveMaster 1. Both Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) were designed and constructed in Galati Romania by DAMEN shipyards. The concept behind the vessel was borne of the following:

  • Wanting to enable the safest possible means of access to an offshore structure
  • Aiming to set a new definition of what can be safely achieved in terms of sea states
  • Having a vessel and crew that can withstand and perform safely in highly complex situations
  • Provide hotel standard facilities and comfort to those onboard

Thus, the innovative DAMEN SOV 9020 design was created, paving the way for a new standard of offshore walk to work vessels.

Following the completion of its build in October 2019 the vessel embarked on its maiden voyage from DAMEN Shipyards Galati to Hamburg Germany to partake in the client sea trials with SGRE. After the sea trials the vessel was accepted by SGRE in late October.  Once fully laden with SGRE’s equipment and personnel, the vessel and crew were primed to start her 10-year charter.

Here are some stats on how well the Bibby WaveMaster Horizon has performed in her first year of action:

  • Gangway Connections: 2,489
  • Gangway Pax Transfers: 10,286
  • Cargo Lifts: 2,097
  • Toolbox Talks: 1,270
  • Safety Observation Cards: 132
  • Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s): 0

Further to the above, another great achievement of the collaboration between Bibby Marine and SGRE was the quick and stringent measures put into place to combat and manage the effects of COVID-19 early in March 2020. The preventative measures included movement mapping, no shared commutes, strict hygiene and mask routines, isolation and covid testing and many other compulsory steps. The strict implementation of these measures mitigated the risk of spreading the virus.  Due to this, the vessel has avoided being placed into quarantine, despite having some positive cases for crew & personnel. The operative measures are still in effect and will be carried into 2021.

Bibby Marine would like to take the time to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the vessel crew. They have continually performed to the highest professional standards and handle any adverse circumstances that may arise in a swift manner.

We would also like to thank SGRE and EnBW, the wind farm owner, for their continued collaboration and for a successful year together. We look forward to moving into 2021 and developing together as a team.


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